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The Getaverse node testnet has been launched and there are rewards for early support!

The Getaverse node testnet has been launched and there are rewards for early support!

After several months of research and development, Getaverse is proud to announce that the node incentive testnet will be launched on December 26, 2022! Since Getaverse nodes went on sale in October 2022, Getavers has sold around 5,000 nodes so far, and the number of nodes participating in testnet verification (mining) across the entire network has reached more than 2,000, and the number of test nodes is growing steadily every day. Most worried in the bear market One of the Web3 projects.

Getaverse team conducted research and development testing and bug detection and repair in the last 3 months Getaverse team provided good interoperability experience when Getaverse node testnet went public. The Getaverse team is now fully prepared for the launch of the node testnet, and users can now verify blockchain data directly from their device. Users who join the Getaverse node can earn $wGETA tokens by participating in the testnet’s rewards, as well as get IDO’s whitelist qualification. In addition to the testing incentives of the Getaverse node testnet, this is also an opportunity for Web3 users to become early validators of the Getaverse network and participate in the early building of this growing Web3 ecosystem.

Note: The Getaverse credit system is still in internal beta development.


  1. Getaverse node holders. Getaverse has sold around 5,000 nodes so far. Getaverse node owners can now participate in testnet validation and earn $wGETA testnet tokens, which can be converted to $GETA tokens at a certain rate on the Getaverse mainnet.

Note: The Getaverse node incentive test network only supports node owners to participate in node verification, and ordinary users are temporarily unable to participate.


  1. Node holders will receive GETA tokens as a reward for running Getaverse ecological node verification. 55% of the total amount of GETA tokens (2.75 billion) will be rewarded to Getaverse node operators, the tokens will not be destroyed and node output will be halved each year until completion.

  2. IDO whitelist. All node addresses are eligible for the Getaverse ecological whitelist and are entitled to participate in the pre-sale and airdrop rights of all Getaverse ecological IDO projects. This is a long-term entitlement that will increase with Getaverse’s business growth and ecological development.

  3. DAO rewards. The Getaverse DAO Foundation owns 8% of GETA tokens and 1% of GETA tokens (50 million GETA tokens) will be unlocked online to reward contributors to the DAO ecological node.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Getaverse nodes, please read the community translated article “Getaverse testnet is coming soon, node sales are booming”. The article introduces six benefits of nodes in detail.

buy tutorial

  1. Qualify to purchase. Contact Getaverse official community management or volunteer to get an invite.

  2. Go to the Getaverse website — .

  3. Connect the wallet (BNBChain network).

  4. Click “Buy Node”.

  5. Select the number of nodes you purchased.

  6. Check and confirm the order information.

  7. Click “Buy Node” and sign the wallet.

invitation training

  1. Go to the Getaverse website —

  2. Enter the wallet address of the invited friend and click OK to successfully invite the friend.

Note : 1. You cannot invite friends if you do not have a node 2. If you successfully invite a friend to purchase a Getaverse node, the inviter will receive 10% of the purchase price as an invitation bonus. In addition, the inviter will also receive 10% of the GETA tokens generated daily by the invited friend’s node.

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